Raw Feeding

Abby and her ‘brothers’ all eat a natural, raw diet. Based on a prey-model, this diet imitates what a dog would eat in the wild, and what dogs and wolves have evolved on throughout history. The dogs get some pre-made Primal raw patties, and some whole meat with bones and organs.

Before raw, we exhausted about a dozen different kibbles- all high priced, ‘holistic’ kibbles, none of which agreed with Abby. She was overweight, had constant skin and ear problems, and lacked energy, even for a young Labrador.

Once we made the switch, Abby dropped over 30 lbs. She is now a healthy, lean 54 lbs and is solid muscle. Her endurance has grown incredibly and she no longer gets tired at the dog park, at agility, or when swimming. Her teeth are sparkling white and I get asked all the time how often I brush them. She’s never even seen a toothbrush!

Abby & RoastAbby with cow leg


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