All About Abs

Full Registered Name: Abby Jo Kickass MX MXJ XF AAD ASA AS AG SJ SR EAC EJC OCC TN-E TG-O WV-E CL2-R CL2-S CGC TDI

Master Jumper, Top Gun

Abby holds the following titles:

AKC Master Agility Excellent
AKC Master Agility Jumpers with Weaves
AKC Agility Excellent FAST

USDAA Advanced Agility Dog

USDAA Advanced Standard Agility

USDAA Advanced Snooker Agility

USDAA Advanced Gamblers Agility

USDAA Starters Jumpers Agility

USDAA Starters Relay Agility

NADAC Agility Elite Regular Certificate
NADAC Agility Elite Jumpers Certificate
NADAC Agility Open Chances Certificate
NADAC Agility Elite Tunnelers Certificate
NADAC Agility Open Touch N Go Certificate
NADAC Agility Elite Weavers Certificate
CPE Agility Level 2- Regular
CPE Agility Level 2- Strategy
AKC Canine Good Citizen
Therapy Dogs Internationally certified
Dock Dogs Master Jumper
Dock Dogs Top Gun

Abby Loves:

If you haven’t guessed already, she loves dock jumping and agility. She loves her dinner, but loves squeaky tennis balls just as much. She also enjoys frisbee, lure coursing, tracking, and chasing ducks/geese. Special days for her are going to Gramma’s house to play in the sprinkler, or going to visit her Great-Grampa and swimming in his pool.

Brief History:

Abby’s first AKC agility trial was September 2005, in Plano, IL. Our agility journey has taught us both so much. Since that first trial, Abby has earned Novice, Open, Exc A, and Exc B titles in AKC Standard and Jumpers with Weaves. She finished her Excellent A FAST title in January of 2009. She also competes in USDAA agility at the Masters level. Abby is close to a NATCH in NADAC but we no longer compete in that venue.

Her first Dock Dogs event was in the fall of 2005. We left Abby home and took her roommate, Alex, to the event. He is a flashy, natural jumper, and we thought he’d take right to the dock and pool. No such luck! Alex didn’t jump at all! The next day we brought Abby and she didn’t even give it a second thought. She was in that water faster than I could release her. Her Dock Dogs journey has been a great one. She’s been invited to World Championships twice. Her best Big Air is 23’6″ (electronic), Vertical is 7′.


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