Abby turns 5!

19 03 2009

I’m so bad at keeping poor Abby’s blog updated. Although, I truly believe, if I could ask Abby’s opinion, she’d tell me to cancel the blog and put what little effort I gave it towards more fetch with her.

We’ve been to a few trials recently and Abby has been great. How I ended up with her as my first agility dog, let alone my first dog, I will never know. I am so fortunate to have her. She is truly the greatest dog. Everything I’ve ever asked of her, she’s given back to me above and beyond what I ask. I have not a single complaint about ANYTHING from her. I can’t ever tell her thank you enough times. I do try, I nuzzle her head and kiss her and tell her she’s the greatest, but she just gets annoyed at me. Again, she’d rather I put my energy into tossing a tennis ball.

Abby turned 5 this past weekend, and we celebrated her birthday during a 4-day agility trial in Louisville. She had another Hounds-Like weekend and was 9/10, including clean ISC runs on some trickier courses than usual for us.

She’s had some stomach bug going on since the day we left Louisville, so I’m keeping a close watch on her lately. She is acting like herself though, and is really annoyed that I withheld food to clear out her system. Her temp is normal, along with her appetite, and she was flying at the dog park, so I hope there is nothing much going on with her.




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