Pants on fire!

8 12 2008

What a weekend. December 4-7 we attended the Hounds for the Holidays trial in Milwaukee, WI. We had a blast hanging out with friends both at the trial and the hotel, and are already to do it all over again!

Abby had a fantastic weekend. She ran all four days and was 8 for 8. Four QQ’s. Somewhere on Thursday she lost her start line stay. I decided that was a small price to pay for such a great weekend. I would never pull her for breaking her stay, that would just break her heart- she’s not as hard of a dog as Alex, for example. So I just worked with it and we managed. Abs has never been so pumped to do agility. She was excited every single time we went into the ring, which made me so happy. She won JWW on Saturday and Sunday and I think she ran a new best YPS at 5.78. Oh, and she finished her MXJ on Friday.

After our very last run on Sunday, I was giving her a rubdown and noticed a swelling on her front left leg, above her wrist joint. Abby had surgery on this same leg last year when she woke up with a swelling that kept recurring. It was not a fun time for her or for me, and recovery was very tough (try keeping your dog from bending their leg). So I took her to the vet this morning. X-rays were good, and our vet thinks it is just some inflammation of the ligament and surrounding tissues of the wrist. She might have banged it on something over the weekend, too. Regardless, Abby is taking two weeks off to just relax and be totally spoiled by me. 🙂




2 responses

9 12 2008
Lisa Weber

hahaha! Pants on fire.. that’s awesome. What a GOOD girl she is.. enjoy your rest and getting spoiled Abs.. I’ll see ya soon! 🙂 Congrats on a great weekend. 🙂

30 12 2008

Pants rocks the house!!!
She was SUCH A GOOD GIRL at Hounds 🙂

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