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22 07 2008

Since my last blog entry, I’ve been a busy dog.

We attended the Rockford Dock Dogs event. My brother Alex won Speed Retrieve and Big Air. I figured sometimes I should just let him win, it’s good for him. I came in third in Big Air and mom was pretty happy with that. My littlest bro, Remi, did really great- I was kind of surprised.

Then we had an AKC trial in Crystal Lake with WAG. We only got in for Friday, but I made the most of it with a QQ.

On Saturday we headed down to the farm with our friends Fergus and Ryder. We swam all day long. It was the best. Sometimes I swim just for the fun of it when nobody is watching. Mom has caught me a few times just circling around the pool. It is the best place in the world- so refreshing!

This past weekend we had another AKC trial- this one was in Wilmot, Wisconsin. The agility course was all muddy, but I didn’t care. We NQ’ed on Saturday in Standard so we didn’t stay for JWW. Dad couldn’t come with us so we were eager to get home to see him anyway. On Sunday I came in 2nd in Standard and had an off course in JWW. Other than that, it was a really nice run. We were done with all of our runs by 10:15am!

This week will be awesome. We are headed to Stillwater, Minnesota for the Dock Dogs 2008 World Championships! I am going as an IRON DOG along with 10 other dogs, I feel pretty special about that! Iron Dog competitors compete in each of the three disciplines- Big Air (long jump), Extreme Vertical (high jump), and Speed Retrieve (timed retrieve). I can’t wait to do some more swimming! We are leaving our house on Wednesday and will jump Thursday – Sunday. Alex is also going as an Iron Dog, and he’s participating in Speed Retrieve with Mom handling him. I admit, I’m a little jealous. But I’m happy for them.




2 responses

26 07 2008

Congradulations on you invite to the worlds …
We wish you all new personal bests and lots of bling !!!

Sir Gordon Dinkles
Gabrielle Louise Dinkles – Peele

22 09 2008

WOW, lots of luck!! Envy that you get to swim so much 😉
Rumble, Scout & Pat

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