Summer rocks.

6 07 2008

Oh yeah, I’ve been doing some more Dock Dogs lately. After Dubuque, Mom was really happy with how I jumped, so I talked her into the Evansville, Indiana event (June 27-29). We drove down to Evansville and I was awake the entire way. It was a six hour drive! I jumped on Friday night, it felt great to cool off after such a long day. I noticed it was getting really dark really fast and people started packing up faster than ever. My parents loaded the car before we even jumped, so we got right in after we jumped. Pretty soon I heard the howling sirens that you hear for tornadoes (I am very familiar with them since there is one 300 feet from my house). The sky was black and swirling and people were running around trying to take cover. We tried to hide but there was nowhere to go so we just stayed in the car.

Well, we lived to jump on Saturday, but I was really scared. It felt so good to get to the hotel. We had dinner and I slept on the recliner in the room. On Saturday I was jumping in every single big air wave and extreme vertical! It was a great day. The weather was warm but we had a tent and plenty of shade, and there was a great breeze coming from the Ohio river. We watched some boat races (Thunder on the Ohio) and walked around the Freedom Festival a bit.

I didn’t have any jumps under 20′ all weekend! On Saturday I had a bet with Alex that I would hit 23′ again before he would ever hit it. The last big air wave of the day, I had another 23’4″! So Alex owes me a turkey neck. I was in the overall lead for the weekend and really excited. But, Alex always has to be the best, so he pulled off a bigger jump with 23’9″. I guess I’m happy for him but I still need that turkey neck. Finals were on Sunday and I was jumping against Alex, Bo, Chopper, and Murphy. It felt pretty cool being the only team of girls! I told Mom I was feeling good and I was right. I won the whole thing! I had a 22’10” and a 23’3″, the two longest jumps of the final four. I’ve never ever won a Big Air final before, so Mom was really excited. Alex said he was really proud of me. He still owes me a turkey neck.

This weekend is the Chicagoland Dock Dogs Rockford event- aka Summer Splash ’08. We are in Rockford, IL at a really nice location- lots of land, parking is close, and great people. I grabbed 6’6″ in EV last night, which is the best I’ve done in a long time. Mom jumped Alex and Remi and I had to watch the whole thing while I waited for my turn. It was so frustrating! Mom has never jumped Alex and I hope she never does again because I really can’t take it. Today is big air finals. There is some good competition so anything can happen. Grandma and Great Gramma/Grampa are coming to watch me today! So I will do my best and hope Mom has some nice throws.

Next weekend we just have one day of agility and then I think we are going to the farm. The weekend after that, we are all going for a private lesson with our Aunt Sherry, and then doing agility in Wilmot, WI.




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