Abby’s first Elite jump!

24 06 2008

We attended America’s River Fest in Dubuque Iowa over June 13-15. On our way there, we stopped for an AKC trial in Beloit, Wisconsin. Abby was 1/3 and earned leg two of her XF title. By the time we got to Dubuque, we were all pretty tired.

We jumped on Friday night and she was around 21 feet, which was fantastic for her. She was on a roll last year, until her foot surgery- and she just never looked the same after that. Until now!!! On Saturday she jumped 22’10”, matching her 2007 personal best. Grant coached me and told me to throw just a little bit sooner, so for once I actually listened to him and it worked!!! On Sunday, the final wave of competition, she pulled out a 23’4″ jump. I was so proud of my baby girl. We celebrated by tugging on the duck, and eating some Primal pheasant and sardine. Yum!!!!

Abby also made the Speed Retrieve finals, running in the 7.1 second range. I am incredibly proud of this because she used to swim out to the duck, sniff it, and then turn around and swim back! I have been working on her ‘take it’ command and I used that on the duck- what a good girl- she grabbed it! Slowly, but that’s ok. If I could hang her own duck from it, that would be ideal. But we will settle for the random duck for now. 🙂




2 responses

25 06 2008
Bitty Brother

Way to go Abs! You did amazing in Dubuque!

25 06 2008

go abby jo!!! you did kick – ass. 🙂

it was greating spending the weekend with you guys!!!!!

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