Catching Up

12 06 2008

It’s been a while, too long!!

We had an AKC trial in Manhattan two weeks ago. Friday was a great day for Miss Abby. She earned a QQ, and finished her MX and OF titles! I am very proud of my baby girl. All weekend we enjoyed really nice, big-dog friendly courses from Anne Riba and Kurt Matushek. Saturday Abby pulled out of the weave poles at pole 10, this is something we struggled with when she was in Excellent A, and after watching videos it was usually me being anxious and doing something to pull her out. This happened in 2/3 of our runs on Saturday. Saturday night we worked our weaves just for a few minutes. Sunday, she was herself again. First run was ExcA FAST, and she was back to normal. 🙂 I cheered so loud when she got those weaves!! We picked up an XF leg and another MXJ leg (three to go).

Aside from that trial, we had one more USDAA trial in early May in Milwaukee. Abby finished up a couple titles there including her AAD. She is now in Masters for everything except Relay. One run I’m especially proud of was on Mother’s Day (and Grant’s birthday) in the pouring rain. I didn’t need the Q and I lowered my expectations (for both of us) due to the rain. So I was brave and attempted many more front crosses, and also left her in the weaves while I moved out laterally. It WORKED! I was so happy after that run- happy for accomplishing something I never would have attempted a year ago, and happy that I didn’t injure or frustrate my dog!

This weekend we have a fun time planned- an AKC trial on Friday in Beloit, WI, and a weekend of Dock Dogs in Dubuque, Iowa. We attended the Dubuque event last year and it was the most fun we’ve ever had with the dogs. It is held at America’s River Fest, downtown Dubuque, right on the river- great music, really bad for you food, and fun for the dogs!

Last night Abby and her friend Heidi went on a walk with us and visited the uber-pond. It is right in our subdivision, about 1/2 acre in size, deep enough for swimming, and has two giant floating sprinklers right in the middle. She was in heaven!! We are going back today, once it cools off.




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