Quantum USDAA

28 04 2008

We headed down to Mooresville, IN for a weekend of USDAA. What a fun trip! Beautiful weather, fun courses, and great people. We arrived Friday night and Grant and I checked out the local mall and watched some really bad TV. Saturday we arrived bright and early and went for a long walk at the site, which was a beautiful forest preserve-type park.

As we were getting ready for our first run, it was cloudy, thundering, and church bells kept ringing. Abby was very distracted and looking around, and then she saw the judge. He was a big dude, calling out numbers (Snooker). From the second she heard him yell, she was freaked. From the second I left her at the line, her ears were back, and she looked terrified. On we went, Abby watching him the whole run. We knocked a bar in the closing (a jump headed straight towards the judge) and he blew his whistle. I started to leave and Abby had to get a quick sniff in to make sure that he was ok. She was still worried and ran off from him, low to the ground… she never acts like this.

Our second run was Steeplechase. Ears still pinned back, she ran better for me and we made the finals. I was very happy with her for the effort, depsite being scared. Sherry and Kelly suggested I ask the judge to meet her… so I did, he was super nice and gave Abby lots of loving while he worked on his score sheets. The rest of the weekend was fine after that!

Grand Prix was so much fun. Abby broke her start line but given the morning’s events, the last thing I was going to do was pull or reset her- we wanted no stress! I held on to her contacts and had some sloppy handling, and we missed 1st place by half a second. I was very, very happy with that! Then we ran Advanced Standard (scary judge again!) and took 1st. We got 2nd in Advanced Gamblers to Alex. Abby was happy to let him have the win! Our final run of the day was Pairs, we had a draw partner, Chaos the BC. Abby and Chaos won 1st, finishing her Starters Pairs title.

On Sunday, I looked like a lobster. We picked up some sunscreen on the way to the trial, but it was too little too late. Abby was her usual happy self all day on Sunday. She was excited to run the courses with the Scary Judge, which made me happy of course!  We ran in the Steeplechase finals and it was fun. Heehee, I completely chickened out on my front cross and pulled her off of a jump. After that, I was cooked. We had one other mistake and I was just glad to be done with that class!! She took 2nd in Advanced standard, 1st in Gamblers, 1st in Jumpers (new title), 3rd in Snooker (a very, very ugly run, I did not walk the course for more than a minute), and 2nd in Tunnels.





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